Registration for short movies

The registration

Whether your film was made at the weekend with friends, at university or with professionals, that is not important to us. It doesn’t matter when and where it was produced – but it must not be longer than 30 minutes. Our film festival is open to all themes and styles.

Nevertheless we choose a special theme every year.
The special theme for kontrast 2024 is WILD!

A firm and popular part of the film festival programme are two children’s film blocks (for children aged four / nine years and older). The best short film in each block will be awarded a trophy and prize money. The children in the audience will vote for the best film. So, children’s film-makers of the world, send us your best films!

You can participate in our festival with one (or more) films.

Adresse für die Anmeldung:

Bayreuther Filmfest e.V.
„kontrast 2024”
Nürnberger Straße 42
95448 Bayreuth

Submission of a film constitutes the submittant’s acceptance of these rules.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Screening Fees

Please note: We can not pay screening fees!
By submitting your application, you agree not to charge any license fees or other fees for the submitted films from the kontrast festival, either now or in the future.


If the person registering the film is not identical with the rights holder, he or she assures that he or she is authorized to register the film for the festival.

By submitting the film, the submitter confirms that he or she holds all rights to the submitted film (including the rights to the music used and all rights of third parties).


The festival is organized and maintained by Bayreuther Filmfest e.V.

Our criteria

  • Movies can not be longer than 30 minutes
  • We prefer German versions or original works that have German subtitles. If these are not available, we will also consider English-language versions or original versions with English subtitles.
  • All video and film formats except DCP, 35mm films, DVD and Blu-ray can be shown
  • The date of production is not relevant