The 21th kontrast Filmfestival will take place from 28th of February to 1st of March 2020

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2020/02/28 19:00:00

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kontrast 2020 - Jetzt erst recht!

21th kontrast filmfestival kontrast

28th of February to 1st of March 2020

International Youth Cultural Center Bayreuth – DAS ZENTRUM

There are two objectives we want to achieve with this Festival:
First we want to offer amateur film makers, who transform their ideas without financial support and therefore mostly with limited technical possibilities, a forum to show their work in public. Our second goal is to provide the audience with shortcuts of TV or cinema quality and feature highlights of shortcuts produced by individual professional film makers.

To achieve these two goals, we decided to do the following:
We will accept every format ranging from a video of an amateur film maker to a 16 mm film by a professional director up to 30 minutes in length on every possible subject that has ever been produced in this or the last century in this galaxy. And absolutely without any restriction in subject whatsoever!

On the other hand, we want to feature a different subject every year. For our Festival in 2020, we have selected the theme “Now more than ever!” (“Jetzt erst recht!”).

kontrast takes place in the International Youth Cultural Center Bayreuth – DAS ZENTRUM: