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The film festival

There are two objectives we want to achieve with this Festival:
First we want to offer amateur film makers, who transform their ideas without financial support and therefore mostly with limited technical possibilities, a forum to show their work in public. Our second goal is to provide the audience with shortcuts of TV or cinema quality and feature highlights of shortcuts produced by individual professional film makers.

To achieve these two goals, we decided to do the following:
We will accept every format ranging from a video of an amateur film maker to a 16 mm film by a professional director up to 30 minutes in length on every possible subject that has ever been produced in this or the last century in this galaxy. And absolutely without any restriction in subject whatsoever!

On the other hand, we want to feature a different subject every year. For our Festival in 2015, we have selected the theme "collision" ("Kollision").


The festival takes place from February 20th through 22th 2015.

Point of Contact

Please send questions concerning the registration to:

...or try our contact form!

Our criteria

  • Movies can not be longer than 30 minutes
  • All formats of video and film can be shown except 35 mm
  • Date of production doesn't matter


The deadline for application for kontrast 2015 was October 1st, 2014!
All participants will be informed after sighting all material.

This can last up to the middle of December. We got many films submitted this year again and thank all participants! See you all at the festival!!!

The registration for the year 2016 starts after the festival in May.


The festival is organized and maintained by Bayreuther Filmfest e.V. The application, including a film copy, must be submitted by October 1st, 2014.

A brief synopsis should be enclosed with the entry form.

The following should be handed in after the film is selected (printed or digital):
- short biography and filmography of the director
- stills from the film/posters

If the individual who submits the film (hereafter referred to as submittant) is not the copyright holder, he/she asserts that he/she is entitled to submit the film to the festival.

By submitting a film, the submittant confirms that he/she will put the film at the organizer' s disposal for a screening if it is selected. If a submitted film is accepted for the program and cannot be shown through the fault of the submittant, he/she is liable to pay compensation for additional costs incurred by the organizer for a substitute film.

The organizer will pay postage when returning films. Further costs may be paid after consulting the organizer.

Films should be sent to:

Bayreuther Filmfest e.V.
"kontrast 2015"
Nürnberger Straße 42
95448 Bayreuth

The films are insured according to their print value during the time of the event. This time period begins when the film is delivered to the organizer until it is given to the delivery contractor to be returned.

Damage to the film must be reported to the organizer immediately. Liability claims submitted more than one week after the film's return will be rejected. Submission of a film constitutes the submittant's acceptance of these rules.

Deadline for application: October 1st, 2014.


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